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TAKE ME TO is the first of a new series we'll be doing monthly featuring different Caribbean island destinations that are unspoiled. These are travel jewels you must visit if you want to be one with warm tropic oceans, nature and fresh caught meals.   This month its all about South Caicos.  One of the smaller inhabited islands in the Turks and Caicos chain.   The island is home to roughly 1,300 residents — small even by Caribbean standards. Everyone knows everyone on this hidden gem and its probably one of the most naturally beautiful islands in the Caribbean chain.  South Caicos only 8.5 miles long is 40 miles Southeast of Providenciales is known for its seclusion, exclusivity and jaw dropping...

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One common misconception people have about confidence is that it comes naturally. Well, for a few select people, maybe. But for the majority of people who possess that air of confidence, not so much. It is something they have decided they wanted, and worked towards. So, if you’re looking to boost your self confidence, you’ve already taken the first step: You have decided that you want to. You are aware of it. Have you ever noticed that people who are supremely confident aren’t attempting to seek your approval? They don’t call attention to themselves. Yet somehow they have your approval and your attention. May we all agree that’s extremely sexy? It seems pretty great, and everyone would love to live that way, but it’s...

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30 Days of Healthy Eating

Bikini season is looming so here's a healthy and yummy 30 day meal plan to shed those winter pounds.  About a fist size amount of each is a great way to measure serving sizes.  

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