Tropical Getaway Ideas! Swimsuit Ready Eating.

Tropical Getaway Ideas!  Swimsuit Ready Eating.

Sun worshipers unite!  Winter might be here but its always Summer in our minds and hearts.  All we need is a getaway to break up the winter blahs.  I know when a vacation is less than a month away its a great motivator to drop the Pasta Bolognese and Tate's Double Double Chocolate Chip Cookies and hit my wok and spin bike a little harder.  Here are my favorite warm weather getaways and a few tips to drop those Winter pasta pounds!!    


Warm Weather Getaways:  

#1 Nosara, Costa Rica:  If you love incredible tropical nature and juicy waves then Playa Giones in Nosara, Costa Rica is the perfect place to visit.  Lush tropics with cozy 2 story surf lodges nestled in green flora and fauna, monkeys playing in the trees above, bananas growing wild Playa Giones is truly paradise.  Food is natural and flavorful.  Best bananas and papaya you will ever taste!  Rosies Soda is a great place to have homemade tradition CR cuisine.  Breakfast there could include and fresh squeezed watermelon or papaya juice, eggs with beans and plantains.  Yum!!  We love staying at Villa Tortuga which is right down the street from perfect small and middle sized surf waves.  Great shelling too.  The beach sunsets are epic and people gather every night to watch an incredible nature show.  Perfect place for sun-worshippers!  Best time to visit is January-March.  

#2 Islamorada, Florida Keys:  Now I grew up in South Florida so I'm a little partial to the Florida Keys.  But for first timers who want to chill and enjoy amazing snorkeling, scuba, wave runners and fishing then the Keys promise to please!  I always love going to Islamorada for a few reasons:  The name alone might say it all, but this beautiful island section of the Florida Keys is ideal for couples looking to escape and discover romance. Th fresh seafood is so tasty you crave it while there.  From Snapper to Stone Crab Claws its good eating on Islamorada! Great restaurants include: Sid and Roxy's Green Turtle Inn, Morada Bay (where they shoot the Netflix series Bloodline) and   The best place to stay while there is a private 18 acre compound of guest cottages called The Moorings.  Located mere steps from the white sand beach and turquoise water, are cottages surrounded by tropical flora and an array of fine amenities. The fully furnished wrap-around porches provides refuge after a day in the sun and perfect for taking in the ocean breezes. There is a spacious living and dining area with fully equipped kitchen, deep soaking tub and separate shower, and a large cozy beds. Whether you are newly married or simply looking for a place to “love the one you’re with,” this Islamorada accommodation is sure to not disappoint. Spend about 4-5 days there and maybe take a day trip down to Key West (about 2 hours south of Islamorada).  

#3 St. Kitts/Nevis:  So naturally beautiful.  The true Caribbean vibe.  Check out resorts like the St. Kitts Marriott with the Royal Beach Casino or The Four Seasons for true luxury and breathtaking ocean views. 


How To Drop 10 Pounds in 1 Month (the healthy way) for a Swimsuit Ready Body!

Love to eat but need to drops some pounds?  Here are some little cheats (food and exercise wise) to get a bikini body ready in 4 weeks.  

Food Cheats:

*Start the day with a small glass of apple cider vinegar (about two tablespoons) mixed with a half glass of tepid water.  Great detoxifier and metabolism morning booster.  

*Have one healthy and filling green shake a day in place of a meal.  Choose which meal you want to replace.  This is my go to green shake recipe.  The secret to making you feel full is to use Chia Seeds in the mix and Green Tea Powder for a metabolism booster. 

Green Fat Blaster Drink 

Blend the following ingredients in a high juicer blender like Ninja or Breville that extracts juice.  

1 banana

1 handful or spinach, kale or arugula leaves

1 apple cored and sliced

1 Scoop frozen blueberries

1 handful of chia seeds

5 almonds

1 scoop of protein powder

1 squirt of honey

Other Food Cheats:

*Sprinkle Flaxseed over everything you eat!  Helps break down fats and speeds digestion plus makes you regular.  

*Eat proteins for dinner like chicken breast and ground chicken and jazz it up with fresh herbs and spices ( Rosemary, Shaved ginger, garlic and spicy dried habanero peppers (sparingly).  Pair with steamed veggies like Broccoli or Brussel Sprouts.  

*Do a lot o stir fry veggies with chicken and shrimp.  Again adding spices and herbs (a little soy sauce) and shredded ginger.  

*Another good trick is to substitute fresh ground chicken for ground beef.  Fraction of the calories and if you doctor it up the right way you can make the same meals you would make with ground beef with ground chicken.  I do chicken chili and it tastes amazing.  Just use your fave recipe but replace beef with chicken.  

l so do the old tried and true trick of drinking 1 full glass of cold water before I start a meal.  Swear it cuts your appetite down!

For desert ( mamma loves her sweets!) have a small container of organic apple sauce or take Fat Free Cool Whip and mix with crushed pineapple and oranges.  Kinda a ghetto Ambrosia!    

Bikini...I'm coming for you in 4 weeks!   For now pass the Chia and Flaxseeds!  

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