The Benefits of Dry Brushing Your Skin

How to Dry Brush—and Why It’s So Potent (

Stacked amongst the clear glass jars of homeopathic remedies, immune-supporting supplements, rose creams, and carrot cleansers on the sparkling shelves of The Organic Pharmacy on Bleecker Street in New York, you’ll find a long wooden brush that looks straight out of an especially well-made Norwegian sauna. It’s invaluable in helping with so many issues, but especially detox. Indeed, the practice of brushing the skin once or twice daily with a soft but firm brush is essential during a detox, but the benefits of simply making it a permanent habit are even more important: It’s said to boost circulation, sweep away dead skin cells, stimulate the lymph nodes, improve digestion, improve the appearance of cellulite, and help the cells and body in general remove waste.

Stimulating the lymphatic system is at the core of all its benefits. The lymphatic system is responsible for collecting, transporting to the blood, and eliminating the waste our cells produce. If the lymphatic system is congested, it can lead to a build-up of toxins, causing inflammation and illness. Dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system as it stimulates and invigorates the skin.

Dry brushing is one of those rare things that feels just as good when you do it yourself, and it’s incredibly easy to incorporate into your routine. Most experts recommend dry brushing in the morning, rather than before bed because of its energizing qualities. Some people use the brush on its own, others put a bit of body oil onto the brush before they use it. Shower before skin brushing.   You can also an oil on the brush, like Rose & Jasmine Oil to maximize benefits. If not, shower after skin brushing then apply oil or lotion. It’s fantastic to do in conjunction with a sauna or steam, too.

To do it yourself, start at your feet and brush upward towards the heart. Similarly, when you start on your arms, begin at the hands and work upward. Use firm, small strokes upwards, or work in a circular motion. For the stomach, work in a counterclockwise pattern. Harsh exfoliation is never the point; be sure not to press too hard, or use too-stiff of a brush. “Any kind of brushing or exfoliation should be gentle and should never break the skin.” Marrone adds. “I’ve tried skin brushes that are so hard they cannot be used due to the damage they do. I chose a medium soft cactus bristles for our skin brush for gentleness: The skin should never be scratched or damaged.”

Dedicate at least three to five minutes to brushing. Marrone says the increased circulation and exfoliation regular dry brushing stimulates helps smooth the appearance of cellulite, too.